About Stephen’s House

Who We Are

Stephen’s House is a 501(c)3 ministry which provides hope in Christ, help for hurting people, and freedom from addiction.

The purpose of re-entry is to assist men in making the transition from a highly disciplined environment to an environment which requires self discipline. Men are encouraged and taught how to develop new patterns of thinking and responding to real life. This is accomplished in many ways, and includes working a full time job outside of Stephen’s House, church involvement, financial integrity and personal responsibility.

Our Vision

To see men set free through the application of Biblical principles as they cross over to become valued and productive members of their family and our community.


​For more information about applying for residence at Stephen’s House, please visit our Applicants page for more information and forms for applying.

Stephen's House

Our Mission

To enhance the lives of men affected by addiction and incarceration through faith-friendly programming and mentoring designed to instill hope, accountability and responsibility.

Our History & How We Came To Be

This ministry was first birthed in the spirit of Pastor Jeff Mantz of the Assembly of God Church in Yankton, South Dakota.

His vision is that Stephen’s House be a place of refuge and spiritual renewal for men suffering with life-controlling addictions. The name Stephen’s House came about as a result of a piece of land donated by a man whose son, Stephen, died of acute alcoholism. He told Pastor Jeff that if just one man was helped and didn’t have to suffer as his son had, that the donation of the property would be worth every penny.

Stephen’s House, at 415 Linn St., Yankton, is now an autonomous 501(c)3 ministry that combines mentoring with local support from the larger community.

Get Involved

During the first 30 days of their release, men in recovery are faced with the challenge of connecting with a supportive Christian community, providing clothing, securing a job, paying the housing fee, obtaining food, etc.

You can support them in these efforts in a number of ways.  If you or your ministry would like know more information, please visit our Get Involved page.