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During the first 30 days of their release, men in recovery are faced with the challenge of connecting with a supportive Christian community, providing clothing, securing a job, paying the housing fee, obtaining food, etc.  Take a look at The First 30 Days and see how you can help.

The First 30 Days

When men come to reside at Stephen’s House, they are seeking to establish a solid spiritual foundation while rebuilding their lives. Often, they have no other housing resource. In addition to the many spiritual hurdles they encounter, the men also deal with the challenge of providing for their physical needs. It can cost over $700 the first month to provide:

  • Clothing (pants, coat, shoes) – $150 – Some clothing items may be available to them at no cost through a supply maintained at Stephen’s House or Yankton’s Clothing Closet, but often it’s challenging for them to find necessary pants, coat and shoes that fit.
  • Personal hygiene items – $20 – Toothpaste/tooth brush, shower soap, shampoo, laundry soap, over-the-counter medication, etc.
  • Transportation – $30 – Between walking, bicycling, volunteers and the Yankton Shuttle, residents typically meet transportation needs during their first 30 days. However, in winter, walking and bicycling may not be feasible and residents will need to pay either the Yankton Shuttle ($2.50/ride) or a taxicab if volunteers aren’t available.
  • Housing Fee – $520 – Most residents have no way to pay housing up front, which covers all utilities and food.

Each resident must also pay monthly fees and fines related to their incarceration and/or parole.  Community Service work can help pay some parole fees but isn’t always available. In some cases, the men secure a job quickly. At other times it can take as much as 8 weeks for them to find full time employment. Your support greatly relieves some of the stress residents encounter during that first 30 days.

Your generous support and prayers for the men residing at Stephen’s House makes a life-long positive impact on these men, their families and their friends. Thank you!

Stephen's House

How Can You Be Involved?


As in any faith-based ministry such as Stephen’s House, prayer is a powerful tool. Both staff and Stephen’s House residents greatly appreciate the faithful prayers of friends and supporters who desire to play a role in supporting the physical, emotional and spiritual renewal and restoration that our residents are seeking.

If you and/or your congregation would like to pray for Stephen’s House and our residents, prayer requests include peace in their transition to a new season of life; connection with a local church; patience as they work through the steps to re-enter their community and more.

-Spiritual Mentoring

Our residents are required to attend local church services and we trust you will welcome them to your congregation. Since we want them to both attend church and engage in their congregation’s activities, we ask them to present the pastor with a form that states they are attending the congregation and are receiving Christian mentoring there. We’ll be happy to visit with you about residents who select your church and answer any questions you have about their requirements at Stephen’s House.

If you or volunteers in your congregation would like to fellowship with our residents at Stephen’s House we welcome that. We’ll be happy to talk to you about how to arrange a visit. It is so important for our residents to connect with stable Christians who can serve as role models and mentors.


​Stephen’s House residents often find they need to completely rebuild their lives once they re-enter society. Volunteers are always welcome to fill needs such as mentoring, leading Bible studies, and organizing social activities for Stephen’s House residents.

-Financial Support

Stephen’s House is funded in two ways: through housing fees paid by residents and by voluntary, tax deductible donations from individuals, churches, organizations and groups. Resident housing fees cover basic Stephen’s House expenses (utilities, phone, insurance, etc.).  However, men coming to Stephen’s House often don’t have the means to pay their first month’s housing or provide for some of their most basic clothing needs.

If you would like to support a resident, giving opportunities include:

  • $700 to cover the first 30 days
  • $520 to cover the first month’s housing fee
  • $200 to cover the first month’s personal needs (clothing, personal hygiene, transportation)
  • $150 to cover clothing needs
  • $50 to cover personal hygiene, transportation
  • General donation of any amount

Donations can be mailed to: Stephen’s House, 415 Linn St, Yankton, SD 57078 (checks payable to Stephen’s House).